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  • How long does one bottle last?

    That depends on what bottle you’re using. Our product family comes in a variety of sizes to suit your lifestyle needs. Here are some approximates: One large bottle of our Apparel Launder will refresh approximately 25 cotton t-shirts, with our Flight size refreshing around 12, and our Mini size refreshing around five. One regular bottle of our Footwear Protector safeguards nine pairs of kicks and one large bottle of our Denim Launder is good for 25–30 uses. Our Footwear Refresher will deodorize 25–30 pairs of kicks.

  • How do DFNS products work?

    Every member of our product family works differently, depending on the job they do. For information about each product’s unique technology, check out this site’s individual product pages. If you’d like to know more about our commitment to people and the planet, then visit our Sustainability page.

  • How long does your Footwear Protector last?

    It depends on your lifestyle. Are they your trusty Monday to Friday commuters or kicks you only crack out on the weekend? The former should stay protected for around a month. The latter will last even longer.

  • Is it safe to use your Footwear Protector on suede or nubuck?

    Absolutely. Our Protector has been tested on a vast range of materials—from canvas, leather and flyknit to rubber, suede and nubuck. Make sure you apply it correctly and if you want to be extra cautious, carry out a spot test first.

  • Will DFNS Footwear Protector affect the color of my kicks?

    No. Our formula is transparent—just like the bottle it comes in.

  • What items can I use the Apparel Launder on?

    Your entire closet is pretty much fair game—from tees, shirts, skirts and coats to scarves, hats and socks. Just keep in mind that our Launder works best on natural fabrics and should never be used on silk.

  • What do DFNS products smell like?

    Our Apparel Launder smells like fresh linen, our Footwear Protector is unscented and our Denim Launder has an energizing green tea scent (bowl of ramen not included). Our Footwear Refresher smells like woodsy citrus… not feet.

  • What’s with that bottle? I’ve never seen anything like it before.

    All of our sprays come in Airopack® packaging, an innovative technology powered by air. Our bottle functions without all the nasty toxins and chemicals found in ordinary aerosol cans, instead using pressurized air to deliver a smooth and consistent spray from every angle. Plus, a 200ml bottle of Airopack® holds the same as 700ml of aerosol. So you get more than three times the active product at the same shipping impact. Wanna know more? Check out our Sustainability page.

  • How do I dispose of my Airopack® bottle when it’s finished?

    Because Airopack® technology uses less pressure than normal aerosol, plastic packaging can be used instead of metal. So far, 75% of each Airopack® bottle is made from PET—an easily recyclable plastic. The development team at Airopack® are currently exploring ways to improve that number and further reduce the bottle’s impact. For now, empty Airopack® bottles can be recycled with the rest of your general plastic waste.

  • Can you tell me more about the planet friendlier process at Airopack®?

    The masterminds behind Airopack® are dedicated to creating a process that’s people and planet friendly from start to finish. To check for leaks during the production process, ordinary aerosol packaging requires a hot water bath. Airopack® packaging is exempt from the water bath phase which saves water, heat and energy—and reduces your carbon footprint before your product even leaves the factory!

    The omission of harmful gases eliminates the danger of explosion during manufacturing, as well as the need to transport the gases to the factory in the first place. Airopack® technology makes it possible for product suppliers to install filling stations at their plant, removing the need for products to be sent to a 'safe' filling station, reducing transportation even further.

  • What do you mean when you say that your Footwear Protector is ‘virtually’ solvent-free?

    In order for it to be effective, we still need to use a negligible amount of the least harmful solvents. The amount is so tiny that legally, we’re allowed to label our Footwear Protector as solvent-free, but we wanted to be straight up. We’re on a mission to discover even safer components that still get the job done.

  • Your Footwear Cleaning Kit comes with a microfiber cloth. Isn't that bad for the environment?

    Microfiber is great for picking up stains and cleaning sensitive surfaces, but we know it isn’t the perfect solution. We are currently looking into sourcing a more sustainable alternative that works just as well. When we do, you’ll be the first to know!

    Fortunately, our microfiber cloth can withstand countless washes and keeps its shape due to its reinforced edges. Just don’t wash it more than you need to and when you do, avoid using bleach or fabric softener. To further minimize its environmental impact, you can invest in a microfiber-catching laundry bag that reduces fiber shedding and filters the fibers that do shed.

  • How many of your products are biodegradable and to what level?

    All of our solutions are either 99% or 100% biodegradable. This means that if these substances end up in the natural environment, they’ll biodegrade within six months, without leaving any residue that could harm the environment.


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